Intake System

The most common cause of performance loss in late-model diesel engines is clogging of the intake manifold with oil vapour build-up. We have seen the air supply pipe practically closed off by oil sludge build-up. Thorough cleaning of the turbo crossover pipe and intake manifold should be done every 50,000km. Oil vapours on diesel engines are introduced into the intake air stream by a breather hose that vents the crankcase next to the oil fill cap. Vapours build up and eventually choke off the intake air supply.

ECU Remap

Custom tuning

Custom ECU remap for this Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 diesel, Manual, 4 cylinders, with 79.000km on it, results are very impressive at the dyno room after many test of our technicians. 27% more of power at wheels and 23% more of torque.

They have set all parameters (boost pressure, fuel pressure, cam timing, lambda and pedal position) to deliver the best performance into the limit without compromising the engine.
This Mitsubishi Triton has now much better acceleration and is very responsive.


increased by 27%

DTA 165 Hp


increased by 23%

DTA 529 Nm

Custom Ecu Remap

Custom Ecu Remap

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