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Custom ECU remap for this Ford Ranger 2016, 3.2 Litre, 5 cylinders, with 32000 km on it, results are very impressive at the dyno room after many test of our technicians. This Ford has improved performances with more 32 hp power at wheels and 131 Nm of torque.
Our experienced tuners have made a custom ecu remap tune by setting all parameters for this Ford Ranger 2016 (boost pressure, fuel pressure, cam timing, lambda and pedal position) to deliver the best performance into the limit without compromising the engine.
This Ford Ranger tuned has now much better acceleration and is very responsive.


Full stainless

Custom Full stainless exhaust designed for this Ford Ranger. Better breathing comes the ability to support improved power and torque in the whole range. Beautiful sound and also aid in keeping the gas temperature down, which adds to overall performance and will help extend the life of your engine.


increased by 23%

DTA 171 Hp


increased by 30%

DTA 569 Nm

*Power and Torque calculated at wheel

Dyno test

We remap every car individually,
following customers needs and car conditions

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