RAFFLE Terms and Conditions



1 Free Custom Dyno ECU Remap (performed in Sydney)



  • DTA delivers free tickets for the Raffle via Facebook Messenger.
  • Each ticket has a unique number.
  • One random winning ticket will be pulled out from an automated software at the end of the Raffle game.
  • Each Participant has a chance to collect up to 5 tickets for each Raffle game.



  • Each ticket gives an extra chance to win the prize.
  • Each participant has the opportunity share an invitation card (picture below) with their friends

Raffle Share Card

  • By clicking the SHARE button Messenger will show your friend’s list where you can select your friends you want to invite.
  • Each friend will receive this card and if they get a free ticket (By clicking the button GET FREE TICKET), the referrer will earn 1 Point.
  • Each participant will earn a NEW TICKET every 3 Points earned.
  • Each participant can collect a maximum of 5 tickets.



  • The Prize (Free ECU Remap + Dyno) is performed in our workshop in Mascot, Sydney.
  • Booking is essential.
  • The vehicle has to be eligible for an ECU Remap. One of our staff member will assist the winner with that.
  • Prize has to be collected with 60 days from the day it is announced.



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