Yes, your vehicle will pass inspections for Rego and our ECU Remap won’t give any kind of problems.

Is when you change few parameters inside the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Original software is taken out, modified (tuned) and sent back to the ECU. If not removed, it will stay there forever.

YES, we offer a FREE* factory restore of your ECU. We save your original file and we re-flash it upon your request.

*Once only

We have tuned thousands of vehicles in the last few years and no one vehicle has been damaged.

We believe that a good ECU Remap will help your engine to live longer and more efficiently.

We advice to follow maintenance schedule as indicated in manufacturer’s logbook, we offer a complete logbook service as well.

If you notice a performance change or a different noise of your engine, please schedule a check-up for your vehicle.

A modern Diesel vehicle has many sensors giving instant feedback to the ECU.

The ECU instantly reacts giving different boost-pressure, timing, fuel, air, Gas recirculation, etc.. This happen many times in each second.

A sensor reading instantly cause an action of your engine. #Rules behind those actions is what a Tune will change.

Those #rules are managed by files in spreadsheet format, called #maps.

We take those #maps out of the ECU, safely. We change values in different maps (#remap) in order to achieve more performances and efficiency.

In many cases we connect the vehicle via Bluetooth only.

In most ECU Remap services is required to physically open the ECU. And once the ECU as been open it will remain always noticeable by dealers.

If a tuner has tools and knowledge to access ECU files through OBDII port this wouldn’t leave any trace behind.

In many cases we use Bluetooth connection through vehicle’s OBDII port. That means a complete clean service and in most cases it’s not visible by dealer’s scanners.

In other cases we may need to physically open the ECU and tune it from a bench.

This process (performed by most of tuners out there) leaves traces behind as is clearly evident that the ECU has been opened.

Chip-boxes were popular when ECU Remap was still rare and unreliable.

Technology goes fast.

Now ECU Remap is the safest way to tune a car.


Remember the story of the #rules when sensors gives a reading to the ECU? (No? see here)


So with an ECU Remap we change the rules, an external chip cheats the ECU.


With a Chip-Box the ECU will not receive real data from sensors but will receive readings decided by the Chip. This method allows few little performances changes and in most cases are given by dumping more fuel and more boost. And very often this #cheating causes black smoke, loss of power and other issues.

We replace many chip-boxes with a Custom ECU Remap every week.

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