EGR delete

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Re-circulation and EGR system is the system that is used to reduce the emission of NOx.

NOx is produced by the combustion of gases.

EGR system does not have much effect on the performance of the engine. It helps in reducing the emission of NOx by adding a little amount of exhaust gas to seep out.

But this leaking EGR may cause problems in driving such as detonation, the problem in starting the engine. This leaking exhaust gas is enough to get diluted into the air or fuel to get the cooling effect from the temperature of combustion.

This helps in maintaining the combustion temperature under 1500 degrees C so that nitrogen and oxygen do not react and form NOx.


Why EGR gets blocked

The reason for EGR being blocked is contamination of a number of chemical by-products that are the remaining of the burnt fuel in the engine other than carbon-dioxide.

Some of it is just dust and this dust is carbon fuel that is not burnt. This dust can be produced in a lesser amount if the fuel is burnt efficiently.

As time passes these dust particles present in the exhaust gases start to clog up the EGR system. Hence, the EGR gets blocked.

Consequences of blocked EGR

  • Overheating: If the EGR is blocked, it results in a noticeable rise in the temperature of the engine.


  • Knocking: When the EGR is blocked, your engine may give a knocking sound. This is caused due to high combustion temperatures on overheating.   


  • Stalling: When the EGR is clogged and the emission of gases is shut off, stalling arise that means the engine completely shuts off.   


  • Engine Light: Blocked EGR may result to trip engine light or emission control light on their dashboard. As a result, the owner of the vehicle needs to take the vehicle to a repair shop to get the fault code scanned by the computer system of the vehicle.


  • Smog Test: During EGR block, harmful emissions are re-burnt in the combustion chamber. Smog test will show excessive NOx that causes failure in the vehicle.


  • Rough Idle: Rough idle also occurs when there is a problem in the exhaust or a power loss in the vehicle.

EGR delete

EGR DELETE is made electronically on the ECU. Our advanced tools allow us to deactivate the EGR system of the vehicle without leave any trace behind.

Benefit of EGR delete

  • When the EGR is blocked, it is overheated. Deleting the EGR reduces the temperature of the engine as well as smooth combustion of exhaust gases.


  • Throttle response of the vehicle is improved and hence the power output of the vehicle is enhanced.


  • EGR DELETE results in the improvement of the fuel economy. EGR valve increases the consumption of fuel as the fuel is not burnt completely and is consumed rapidly. But with the removal of the EGR valve, fuel economy is improved.


  • The removal of EGR results in the reduction of oil contamination. As the EGR DELETE KIT helps in improving the efficiency of the engine and consequently oil contamination is reduced.


  • It also helps in reducing the number of Carbon Deposits in the engine. Due to a complete efficiency of the engine, fuel is completely burnt and no carbon deposits remain in the combustion chamber and hence there are fewer Carbon Deposits in the engine.


  • Everyone has their own opinion about EGR valve and EGR DELETE, It is a good thing to keep EGR valve and clean it all times but for some people is better to remove EGR.

Car makes EGR delete

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Audi EGR delete
Bmw EGR delete
Chrysler EGR delete
Citroen EGR delete
Fiat EGR delete
Ford EGR delete
Holden EGR delete
Honda EGR delete
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Isuzu EGR delete
Jaguar EGR delete
Jeep EGR delete
Kia EGR delete
Land Rover EGR delete
Lexus EGR delete

Mazda EGR delete
Mercedes EGR delete
Mg EGR delete
Mini EGR delete
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Nissan EGR delete
Peugeot EGR delete
Porsche EGR delete
Range Rover EGR delete
Renault EGR delete
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