DPF delete

DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter acts as an exhaust system for the diesel-oriented vehicles to trap smoke and soot formed by the combustion of the engine. The DPF is really important for the diesel manufacturers to maintain the emissions standards. But these filters have some drawbacks as well. The DPF block causes back pressure that leads to lower the performance and increases the fuel consumption.

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DPF Block

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DPF is blocked when the DPF of the vehicle is clogged with the dust, smoke or soot. This arises fault in the engine and an orange light starts to display on the dashboard as a kind of warning that vehicle’s DPF is blocked.

Reasons why DPF is blocked

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  • This is generally caused due to small distance journeys at low pace.
  • One of the causes for DPF to get blocked is poor servicing of the vehicle.
  • Not using right type of oil for your vehicle may cause blockage to the filters.

DPF Delete

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DPF Delete is the process of removing DPF functionality from factory ecu. With our advanced tool are able to switch it off without check engine appears on the dash. This is allowed for off road use only.

Benefits of DPF Delete

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As we know that DPF when blocked has a lot of disadvantages in some vehicle, so DPF Delete comes up with the benefits to overcome the drawbacks that vehicles have to go through.

  •  the topmost benefit of the DPF delete is the improvement in the performance of the engine. The backpressure is reduced, that means better air flow through the engine and hence more power to ease the air flow.
  • The fuel economy will be improved to a great extent as it does not require prevailing over the back pressure while DPF regeneration. During the process of DPF regeneration, raw fuel is left in the exhaust so as to assist in the cleaning process. The fuel consumption is reduced after a DPF Delete.
  • It provides a complex-free engine that does not need to suffer any complexity in the engine.
  • Inexpensive repair bills

Without DPF filter in Australia

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According to the Australian Law, removing a DPF is an offense.

Remap developed for DPF filter installed

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Our tuners achieved brilliant performances remapping some cars like Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara… with DPF filter installed.

Thanks to our experience and technology we are able to provide the same power and efficiency with or without DPF filter.
We always suggest to keep the DPF and have a custom ECU remap which gives you:

  • increase of power
  • increase of torque
  • fuel saving
  • no black smoke
  • no fines
  • environment friendly

DPF Cleaning

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DPF will eventually become blocked usually after every 60,000 km reducing vehicle performance and increasing fuel consumption.

The best way to resolve clogged DPF filter is clean it professionally and preserve its efficiency for long time.

In collaboration with DPF Cleaning Service we offer a fast & reliable service that let you save thousands dollars without replace it with a new one.

Car makes DPF delete

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Alfa Romeo DPF delete
Audi DPF delete
Bmw DPF delete
Chrysler DPF delete
Citroen DPF delete
Fiat DPF delete
Ford DPF delete
Holden DPF delete
Honda DPF delete
Hyundai DPF delete
Isuzu DPF delete
Jaguar DPF delete
Jeep DPF delete
Kia DPF delete
Land Rover DPF delete
Lexus DPF delete

Mazda DPF delete
Mercedes DPF delete
Mg DPF delete
Mini DPF delete
Mitsubishi DPF delete
Nissan DPF delete
Peugeot DPF delete
Porsche DPF delete
Range Rover DPF delete
Renault DPF delete
Saab DPF delete
Subaru DPF delete
Suzuki DPF delete
Toyota DPF delete
Volkswagen DPF delete
Volvo DPF delete