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Adblue is a liquid-like material made up of urea and purified water. The purpose of adblue is to clean the exhausted gases to avoid them from entering into the atmosphere. It cleanses the gases and reduces the harmful contents and emissions just by injecting it into exhaust gases. This fluid, when inserted in the harmful nitrogen oxide gases, produces water and nitrogen that is harmless to the environment.

Adblue is utilised in the process of pollution control technology present in the exhaust systems. SCR or Selective Catalytic Reduction process uses AdBlue to reduce pollution and emission of harmful gases.
The latest diesel vehicles such as bus, trucks and other diesel-consuming cars use AdBlue.

These vehicles need timely maintenance and avoiding these maintenance services could lead to serious car problems.

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AdBlue Limp mode

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The limp mode will occur due to violation of the emission standards, this how it works. When driving a car, truck or vehicle that uses SCR system – At different stages multiple sensors pick up the emission level and break down the Noxious gases, making sure each step taken meets the emission standard.

Limitations of AdBlue installation in your vehicle

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  • The SCR system can be affected severely if the car is running without AdBlue supply. It may lead to damage to the SCR system of the vehicle.
  • The damage of the SCR system further leads to increase in repairing costs that are much higher, and the car owner has to spend extra money on maintenance of SCR system every year.
  • The regularly used vehicles absorb a substantial amount of AdBlue that requires a regular refill of the system with AdBlue which becomes quite expensive for regular users.

How can this adblue problem be solved?

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Most of car repair workshops and car dealerships can only replace the faulty AdBlue parts with an average cost of $5000.

Here at Diesel Tuning Australia, in collaboration with Hitech Automotive, we mastered a safe and not expensive solution for those cars with AdBlue issues.

We can fix almost every car or truck with AdBlue problems with a fraction of the replacement costs and in may cases is a “same day” service.

For more info and an instant quote, please feel free to give us a call at 02 8880 9181

Car makes

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Alfa Romeo ADBlue delete
Audi ADBlue delete
Bmw ADBlue delete
Chrysler ADBlue delete
Citroen ADBlue delete
Fiat ADBlue delete
Ford ADBlue delete
Holden ADBlue delete
Honda ADBlue delete
Hyundai ADBlue delete
Isuzu ADBlue delete
Jaguar ADBlue delete
Jeep ADBlue delete
Kia ADBlue delete
Land Rover ADBlue delete
Lexus ADBlue delete

Mazda ADBlue delete
Mercedes ADBlue delete
Mg ADBlue delete
Mini ADBlue delete
Mitsubishi ADBlue delete
Nissan ADBlue delete
Peugeot ADBlue delete
Porsche ADBlue delete
Range Rover ADBlue delete
Renault ADBlue delete
Saab ADBlue delete
Subaru ADBlue delete
Suzuki ADBlue delete
Toyota ADBlue delete
Volkswagen ADBlue delete
Volvo ADBlue delete