ECU Remap is just a software update and it's the safest way to achieve much more efficiency for a modern Diesel vehicle.

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Torque is the ability to transform engine power in wheel motion and so in “pull force”. More Torque means more efficiency.

Diesel engine performs more Torque at low engine’s revs. Petrol engine performs more Torque at higher engine’s revs.

A vehicle with more Torque needs less open throttle to maintain the same speed at the same condition, resulting in

  • – less fuel burned,
  • – a more responsive vehicle,
  • – a safety enhanced vehicle.

With more Torque and more Power, differences are noticeable. At the first ride.

We increase Power and Torque in a safe spot.

Our Dyno Custom Tuning provide an average of extra %20 of Power at the wheels.

We unleash the real power of your Diesel engine within manufactory’s limits.

This is a typical Dyno test before/after:

To see what are the gains for your vehicle just hit our search bar here.

If more torque gives that less throttle is needed to maintain same cruising speed, it means that less fuel is needed.

With our ECU Remap you will save between 10% to 20% in fuel consumption.

See your vehicle in detail (here).

A common question is: how safe is your tune?

Our best answer is:

A” diesel tuner” is like a “doctor for cars”.

Your car is not feeling good and you bring it to a tuner.

Same we humans do when not feeling good, we go to a doctor.

What makes a doctor “safe“?

Picking some:

  • Experience (Usually the longer the better)
  • Special diagnostics tools (Top level equipment is a plus for every doctor)
  • Facilities (A State-of-the-art facility can help a doctor a lot)
  • Teamwork (Many experiences combined are better than a single)
  • References (What happen to previous “customers” is something better know).

A Diesel Tuning is considered “safe” when all of above are at their best.



Our goal is to increase vehicle performances and efficiency and the first important step is to diagnose the vehicle. A modern diesel vehicle is a perfect balance of electrical and mechanical parts, a small malfunction could easily lead to loss of power, black smoke, engine/turbo blowups, etc..

We bring your vehicle inside our Dyno room where few highly experienced technicians starts to inspect your vehicle.



  • – under the bonnet – (pipes, oil leaks, etc..)
  • – wheels and suspensions – (will effect Dyno readings)
  • – exhaust system,
  • – intake system (could be clogged by carbon residue).



Once our visual inspection is passed, we scan your vehicle’s computer to make sure no other issues are in place with your vehicle.


DTA Scanning Vehicle


If we spot any issue we are able to address it and solve it.

This stage is crucial for a tuning to be considered as “safe”.

Once your vehicle has been inspected we perform a Dyno test to check how the engine performs.

Here we can see if performances are close to what is should be.

Once your vehicle has been inspected we perform a Dyno test to check how the engine performs.

Here we can see if performances are close to what is should be.

After the Dyno test we are ready to pull the file out of your ECU.

This can be done in 2 ways:

  •  – Remove it from the car, open it and access to file system on the bench.


  •  – Download from ODBII Port. Eventually with a Bluetooth connection.


Of course the OBDII Port is the best way as no traces will be left behind.

Where possible we use OBDII Port connections

Once we unlock your ECU files we can access to several maps (Rules) and make adjustment in order to get more efficiency, power and torque.

At this stage we can make changes in order to stop the EGR valve.

“Remember to check how your vehicle performs with our tune [here]”

Once all maps are modified, we lock the file and send it back to the ECU, saving a copy of the original file.

At this stage we test improvements on the dyno and valutate if keep this tune or adjust parameters.

Once our tuner is happy with the results he lock the new ECU file, let the vehicle cool down.

After 30 min we perform the last sequence of runs on dyno. Here we attest the new vehicle performances.

We are pretty confident that our tune is one of the most reliable in Australia.


Over 1000 vehicle tuned with not issues reported


  • Gary has tuned both my e46 m3 and my brand new Hyundai i30sr which nobody else would even dare to touch. Both cars have received massive power gains and behave like completely different cars. I strongly recommend coming here for a tune as I have had my e46 m3 tuned by Gary for 3 years now with no issues.
    George Akamatis
    George Akamatis
    11:26 08 Oct 18
    I waited 1 month before writing this review to give myself some time to see if the gains were only a placebo effect. Unfortunately it wasn't a placebo effect! The gains I got from the custom tune was in fact real and was here to stay. 90nm of extra torque made red light getaways a real Rush! No issues with the engine either. Thanks for working on my car Gary, and thanks for not charging me for the extra work that was required as well! BMW E90 320d
    Shaun Chew
    Shaun Chew
    12:43 29 Aug 18
    I took my Ford Everest in, they did a fantastic job by giving the car a performance tune remap. It is like a completely different car. I'll have to think of excuses for all the speeding fines I'll be getting now. Thanks again to the team at DTA, very helpful and friendly. I would defiantly recommend DTA to anyone looking to have their diesel remapped.
    Mathew Rattray
    Mathew Rattray
    11:22 01 Jun 18
    Thanks Gary for an awesome tune. Turbo lag gone and acceleration is insanely quick. Remember this post when you see an SQ5 leaving you for dead at the lights...these guys can hook you up with a fantastic turbo diesel tune - highly recommend!
    Michael G
    Michael G
    09:40 21 Apr 18
    Best Tuner in town.
    Marcus Yang
    Marcus Yang
    06:15 23 Mar 18
    Had my car re-mapped by Gary, 20/03/18, and I must say he's done an excellent job. Noticeable change to response and acceleration which was much needed. Can't wait to see how well it now tows our caravan. Nissan Navara D40 2011.
    Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor
    07:09 21 Mar 18
    Got my amarok tuned by the guys and it runs so much better than before . Improved throttle response , a lot more torque , more bhp and better fuel economy. Definitely recommend.
    James Moran
    James Moran
    00:34 21 Mar 18
    Gary was Fantastic everything he said was true the extra power from the remapping of the computer was worth the money spent also was given a courtesy car as mine needed to get the clutch done would highly recommend them
    Kevin D
    Kevin D
    06:16 30 Aug 17
    Best Diesel Tuning service ever. Highly recommended for Diesel vehicle driver.
    Danilo C.
    Danilo C.
    21:46 24 Jun 17
    Had my colorado 7 tuned here a few weeks ago. Best thing I've ever done. No more surging engine noise and now when I tow my boat it's like it's not even there.
    Trent Simshauser
    Trent Simshauser
    22:15 14 Dec 16
    I had my car done today. All I can say is WOW. Feels like a totally different car. Used to have a fair few flat spots. But now it's go from the start esp after 2k. Well happy. The guy who came knew his stuff and explains everything to be. Worth every dollar. Would definitely recommend. 2010 Bmw 330d. Thanks again guys
    Tom santosa
    Tom santosa
    02:27 24 Nov 16
    A friend of mine suggested me to remap my car in this place, he was right and then i like to recommend to others too. They tuned my Toyota prado 2016 model in 1 day and kept the original file in case i want to put back in the future, very friendly and an amazing workshp with a lot of tools, looks like they are very specialized in this staff.
    ben dasti
    ben dasti
    01:33 22 Nov 16
    These guys in Mascot made really a good job. My hilux is much more reactive and i can really feel the difference. Them workshop is amazing, never seen something like that in sydney. Good job
    Jonh biz
    Jonh biz
    00:37 22 Nov 16
  • Gary and Staff I would like to thank you all for the retuning of the diesel mini last week what a great result. I purchase this car for my young daughter on LPlates as her first car. It is second hand after about 500 kms it was very poor in the performance and drivability area took it back for warranty , they messed around with it was ok but in no time back to normal to the point my wife and daughter would not drive the car. With Gary's help the Mini diesel has 350Nm up from 200Nm in stock form and pulls really nice, changes gear better, revs better, does everything better it's what the car should have been in the fist place. If you have a vehicle with issues and are getting messed around dont waste your time give Gary and his team a call they are straight shooters you will not regret it . Regards Rick Hayread more
    Roger Dan
    Roger Dan
    Gary did a remap on our 2014 Territory Diesel and made a major improvement! Highly recommend!!read more
    Dave Feetass Cornwall
    Dave Feetass Cornwall
    Unbelievable for big difference before and after my sicken Subaru Outback Premium Diesel 2013 went in and out with DTA performance. It worths to drive more than 40 kms. Highly recommended for all Diesel vehicles owner. Big thanks Gary.read more
    Thanh Tùng Lê
    Thanh Tùng Lê
    Great job Gary. Car is so much more responsive. Very happy. Navara D40 2011 Steve Taylorread more
    Steve Steve
    Steve Steve
    Very accommodating and friendly service. Went the extra mile to help with my situation. Highly recommend. Thank you boys.read more
    Alex Andronas
    Alex Andronas
    Very professional service my ecu remap is working great totally different vehicle turbo lag almost totally gone much more responsive highly recommendedread more
    Christopher Wood
    Christopher Wood
    After taking my Range Rover to 4 mechanic shops & been told to sell it as the turbo was no good or it was ok for it to blow lots of smoke . I gave Gary a call and booked the car in at HI TEC (DTA) to have a look the boys really no there stuff they tuned & serviced it now no smoke & talk about performance go"s twice as good . I 110% recommend Gary & HI TEC (DTA)read more
    Chad Mackey
    Chad Mackey
    Great staff. The ecu recalibration on my 2014 coloardo the car runs so much better heaps more power and better on fuel 100 percent recommend.read more
    Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan
    Gary's knowledge in the automotive diagnostic industry and diesel tuning is nothing but the best in the trade !read more
    Dimitri Kostenas
    Dimitri Kostenas
    I highly recommend Gary from DTA when it comes to diesel tuning (well any sort of tuning actually) due to his experience, honesty and expertise. He has all the latest equipment for dyno tuning and has made my amarok much more enjoyable to drive. My ute was in there for a major electrical issue which Gary and his team also fixed in great time with expertise and honesty. I asked Gary if he could do a deal with me after the major electrical repairs done on my truck were completed and got him to fit me in last minute before Christmas for a tune at a great price. I tow a 3 tonne tipper trailer regularly for work with my Amarok and had found the Amarok to labour with the trailer hooked up pre tune. After the tune I gained a fait bit of extra torque and horsepower which has made the Amarok a great tow vehicle. Also having 1 tonne of material in the back of the tub the other day made barely a difference in the performance and it pulls so much harder and the boost comes on much earlier making the acceleration much more punchy. Very pleased with Gary and his team and highly recommend him for any sort of tuning let alone diesel tuning. Also check out Hitech Automotive for his great vehicle servicing!read more
    Peter McKellar Stewart
    Peter McKellar Stewart
    Fantastic service. Re-mapped my 2.8L Turbo diesel 2016 model to amazing results. Very friendly and knowledgeable, extremely professional and thorough. Highly Recommended!!!read more
    Jonh Biz
    Jonh Biz
    This shop will help you with your car power and efficiency. Gives you a decent price on your car remap. My Hilux got 27hp and looks like use less fuel to run.read more
    Pedro Lissen
    Pedro Lissen


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