ECU Remap is just a software update and it's the safest way to achieve much more efficiency for a modern Diesel vehicle.

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Torque is the ability to transform engine power in wheel motion and so in “pull force”. More Torque means more efficiency.

Diesel engine performs more Torque at low engine’s revs. Petrol engine performs more Torque at higher engine’s revs.

A vehicle with more Torque needs less open throttle to maintain the same speed at the same condition, resulting in

– less fuel burned,

– a more responsive vehicle,

– a safety enhanced vehicle.

With more Torque and more Power, differences are noticeable. At the first ride.

We increase Power and Torque in a safe spot.

Our Dyno Custom Tuning provide an average of extra %20 of Power at the wheels.

We unleash the real power of your Diesel engine within manufactory’s limits.

This is a typical Dyno test before/after:

To see what are the gains for your vehicle just hit our search bar here.

If more torque gives that less throttle is needed to maintain same cruising speed, it means that less fuel is needed.

With our ECU Remap you will save between 10% to 20% in fuel consumption.

See your vehicle in detail (here).

A common question is: how safe is your tune?

Our best answer is:

A” diesel tuner” is like a “doctor for cars”.

Your car is not feeling good and you bring it to a tuner.

Same we humans do when not feeling good, we go to a doctor.

What makes a doctor “safe“?

Picking some:

  • Experience (Usually the longer the better)
  • Special diagnostics tools (Top level equipment is a plus for every doctor)
  • Facilities (A State-of-the-art facility can help a doctor a lot)
  • Teamwork (Many experiences combined are better than a single)
  • References (What happen to previous “customers” is something better know).

A Diesel Tuning is considered “safe” when all of above are at their best.



  • Had my car tuned there a few days later I had an issue with the car that turned out to have nothing to do with the tune. Gary went above and beyond to get me back on the road even though it wasn't his problem. I can highly recommend this level of service.
    Jani Pentikainen
    20:50 13 May 21
    After having a bad experience in the past with tune on my BMW 335i I never had thought I would do another tune again. I had done my research with DTA & especially Garry and his team & the fact that Garry & his team are the first to do tuning on Diesel engines in Australia i decided to give it a go, so far all I can say is, wow, I really have to get use to the new drive on my car as it just performs much nicer, stronger & feels healthier & smoother. Most importantly the fact that the people care and listen to you and make sure all your questions are answered even though they are extremely busy which makes me feel like they care & the lovely receptionist still gave me the time to talk to Garry & go through the process with me as I was a bit nervous Thank you very much for your work Garry & looking forward to bring in my car to you guys. Thanks to the receptionist for answering my questions & proving me all information
    Omid Nowrouzi
    20:53 09 Dec 20
    Gary and his team are amazing. Very knowledgeable, and experienced. Highly recommended to anyone.
    Nalesh Nand
    12:07 04 Dec 20
    Very friendly family business, from the girls at the front desk to the boys in the workshop. Gary was very receptive in what I wanted to achieve from a tune on the dyno. He said "it will be a much nicer car to drive" and that is exactly what he delivered. A big thank you to all the staff at DTA for a wonderful experience. Paul...
    06:09 19 Nov 20
    Got my MR Triton tuned here recently. Its a really professional family run business who delivers exactly what they promise. Really happy with the way car performs and would highly recommend.
    Ben Apps
    04:37 06 Nov 20
    Very friendly staff and technicians made me feel welcomed ,Garry answers any questions, excellent job on tuning my ranger ,thank you and your team
    Lj Bog
    10:14 04 Nov 20
    The service is simply above and beyond. Gary is the guy to talk to if you wanna get your car tuned/remapped or even a professional advice. He talks knowledge. He really helped me sort some issues out with my car from previous services I've had. Thanks heaps
    Rafa G. M.
    05:56 24 Sep 20
    Had my Triton remapped by the team today and the car is now so much better to drive, pulls harder throughout the whole rev range . Gary and John were awesome to deal with and answered any questions I had happily and their knowledge showed. I highly recommend these guys to anyone , cheers legends!
    Cameron Amos
    11:52 23 Sep 20
    Fantastic customer service very friendly and helpful, offer great services and there qauilty is amazing highly recommend
    shaun goodsell
    11:18 04 Sep 20
    Great experience! Gary knows Diesel engine like no other! Huge palpable improvement in performance, much more responsive and agile. Stave off car upgrade for another few years! This feels like a good upgrade at a fraction of the cost
    Peter Ong
    23:36 02 Sep 20
    Had my ecu remapped and what a difference power and torque galore can really feel it pull with a bit of right foot and fuel economy down to ???
    Matt C
    03:00 05 Aug 20
    I would highly recommend anyone with a hilux get it returned here. My Toyota hilux Rugged X now has some guts it now has 155.9HP and 527.1NM such a BIG difference. Thanks TO DTA for making my hilux nice to drive
    M C
    21:29 08 Jul 20
    Great tune, tows caravan like a dream. Gary was excellent, took the time to explain things and he knows his stuff! Thanks very much
    Kim Farley
    01:40 29 Jun 20
    Gary, thanks for fixing my Amarok’s EGR problems. Everyone I meet and spoke with were so professional and welcoming. My car is performing better than ever. Great company, great people and a great results.
    Gary B
    09:15 28 Jun 20
    Gary knows best. Don’t waste time & money anywhere else.
    Lawrence Mamo
    22:55 27 May 20
    Unreal best thing I've decided to do Amazing result from DTA I just about had enough of my ranger the way it drove Thanks to Garry and the team at DTA Can't wait to see how it tows now, but so far it a pleasure to drive Thanks you again and again Cheers
    Robert Garbo
    22:58 19 May 20
    Awesome service, they know what there doing
    francesco riggio
    07:45 04 May 20
    Had my bmw320d tuned wow what a different car power every where I wish bmw bought this car out like this it's running perfect thank you
    curtis thomas
    04:16 29 Apr 20
    Cruiser was a slug now it drives like a v8 should. Great work, great staff!
    Aaron Waples
    03:27 15 Apr 20
    Gary done a great job very professional and everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful thanks again guys very happy .
    Cameron Wailes
    00:03 16 Feb 20
    Awesome service. Insightful and explain the hole process. Would recommend to every one that has a diesel car to be done there !!!
    Simon Sears
    22:08 06 Feb 20
    The DTA guys are fantastic. They managed to squeeze me in early, sort me a courtesy car for the weekend, replace the clutch for a heavy duty unit and retune my hilux all during the busiest time of year. Safe to say I got a completely different Ute back. I Would recommend their services to anyone.
    Jesse Huizenga
    21:55 17 Dec 19
    Wish I had know about this company a year ago when the problem firsts appeared quote to fix from manufacture 4200 the first time under Warrenty. Increase in NM , KW up turbo lag lot less fuel economy still the same all for 1550 greattach job Boys highly recommend.
    Chris Buckmaster
    09:47 17 Dec 19
    Took my isuzu dmax in for stage 1 tune noticed the difference as soon as I drove it out of the shop very happy
    James Drysdale
    06:05 22 Nov 19
    Gary did a awesome job fixing the egr problem and tuning my e70 m50d into a torque monster - 836nm of torque at the wheels! These guys are the best in the business.
    J Tang
    05:39 22 Nov 19
    Came in for a Remap for my sluggish hilux and left with a weapon of a hilux I cannot explain how it is its just amazing thank you.
    J B
    02:51 26 Aug 19
    Came in for a remap on my sluggish hilux left with a weapon of a hilux I cannot explain how it is its just amazing thank you.
    Jason Bahsa
    02:45 26 Aug 19
    Exhaust system + ecu remap = 26% extra power and torque. Gary and his team did a tremendous job.
    Yinchen Guo
    13:35 05 Aug 19
    The best place in Sydney to tune your car. Thank you Gary and team.
    Amir Fard
    04:01 18 Jun 19
    Gary was extremely knowledgeable and a gentlemen to deal with. This man loves his job and takes pride in it. Very rare and honest mechanic. Thank you Gary and the team.
    Adam Saifi
    05:27 19 Apr 19
    Great experience, great work, fast and effective team. Can’t thank them enough spent countless hours and Late nights trying to diagnose my car/fix it to get it running right I highly recommend their work and team.
    john vithoulkas
    10:18 30 Mar 19
    Just had my 2015 fortuner tune. It's been tested a week now all i can say Wow... it totally different car. The throttle now more responsive & smooth. Thanks to Gary and his team they do very great job.
    Gachaverse rosey Channel
    00:03 17 Mar 19
    Just had my 2009 Navara d40 tuned at DTA. Throtle response from take off especially on steeper inclines is noticeably better. Definitely less pedal on general driving too. Can’t say for fuel economy as yet but hopefully that will improve from the factory setting. Thanks to Gary and his team.
    Mark Runciman
    00:09 06 Feb 19
    Diesel Tuning Australia (DTA) epitomise what customer service should be. When you arrive, the staff are quick to acknowledge you and serve you. They are welcoming, friendly and want to help you. You are kept in the loop and given the help you need efficiently. When I investigated diesel tuning services, DTA jumped out at me. I had some family have their cars serviced and tuned there, a VW Passat and a Mazda BT50. They were very impressed with all aspects of the service, from the whole customer experience to the transformation of the vehicles. The increase in performance, fuel efficiency and drivability, far exceeded expectations. My VW Amarok went in for a tune, and just like my family, the results had me grinning from ear to ear. I’d fitted an aftermarket turbo-back exhaust system and done some intake mods prior to tuning, which caused some complications in the tuning process. It was a vehicle software issue, but DTA used their talents, worked hard and got to the bottom of it. Now my vehicle has a safe, reliable, but excellent tune that has made driving an easy, fun and stress-free experience. DTA set the standards high. Their business is thriving, and the reasons why are obvious. They ensure that you leave a happy customer and they deserve all the success they get.
    Andrew Taite
    23:00 07 Dec 18
    Successful upgrade. Car has less turbo lag and more throttle response. It is also capable of delivering more torque through the gears. Much better for towing.
    Peter McGufficke
    04:18 06 Dec 18
    Gary tuned my Hilux a couple of months ago and did an amazing job. I get a lot more mileage out of a full tank. Thanks!
    Marc Menis
    10:00 09 Nov 18
    Gary has tuned both my e46 m3 and my brand new Hyundai i30sr which nobody else would even dare to touch. Both cars have received massive power gains and behave like completely different cars. I strongly recommend coming here for a tune as I have had my e46 m3 tuned by Gary for 3 years now with no issues.
    George Akamatis
    11:26 08 Oct 18
    I waited 1 month before writing this review to give myself some time to see if the gains were only a placebo effect. Unfortunately it wasn't a placebo effect! The gains I got from the custom tune was in fact real and was here to stay. 90nm of extra torque made red light getaways a real Rush! No issues with the engine either. Thanks for working on my car Gary, and thanks for not charging me for the extra work that was required as well! BMW E90 320d
    Shaun Chew
    12:43 29 Aug 18
    I took my Ford Everest in, they did a fantastic job by giving the car a performance tune remap. It is like a completely different car. I'll have to think of excuses for all the speeding fines I'll be getting now. Thanks again to the team at DTA, very helpful and friendly. I would defiantly recommend DTA to anyone looking to have their diesel remapped.
    Mathew Rattray
    11:22 01 Jun 18
    Thanks Gary for an awesome tune. Turbo lag gone and acceleration is insanely quick. Remember this post when you see an SQ5 leaving you for dead at the lights...these guys can hook you up with a fantastic turbo diesel tune - highly recommend!
    Michael G
    09:40 21 Apr 18
    Best Tuner in town.
    Marcus Yang
    06:15 23 Mar 18
    Had my car re-mapped by Gary, 20/03/18, and I must say he's done an excellent job. Noticeable change to response and acceleration which was much needed. Can't wait to see how well it now tows our caravan. Nissan Navara D40 2011.
    Steve Taylor
    07:09 21 Mar 18
    Got my amarok tuned by the guys and it runs so much better than before . Improved throttle response , a lot more torque , more bhp and better fuel economy. Definitely recommend.
    James Moran
    00:34 21 Mar 18
    Gary was Fantastic everything he said was true the extra power from the remapping of the computer was worth the money spent also was given a courtesy car as mine needed to get the clutch done would highly recommend them
    Kevin D
    06:16 30 Aug 17
    Best Diesel Tuning service ever. Highly recommended for Diesel vehicle driver.
    Danilo C.
    21:46 24 Jun 17
    Had my colorado 7 tuned here a few weeks ago. Best thing I've ever done. No more surging engine noise and now when I tow my boat it's like it's not even there.
    Trent Simshauser
    22:15 14 Dec 16
    I had my car done today. All I can say is WOW. Feels like a totally different car. Used to have a fair few flat spots. But now it's go from the start esp after 2k. Well happy. The guy who came knew his stuff and explains everything to be. Worth every dollar. Would definitely recommend. 2010 Bmw 330d. Thanks again guys
    Tom santosa
    02:27 24 Nov 16
    A friend of mine suggested me to remap my car in this place, he was right and then i like to recommend to others too. They tuned my Toyota prado 2016 model in 1 day and kept the original file in case i want to put back in the future, very friendly and an amazing workshp with a lot of tools, looks like they are very specialized in this staff.
    ben dasti
    01:33 22 Nov 16
    These guys in Mascot made really a good job. My hilux is much more reactive and i can really feel the difference. Them workshop is amazing, never seen something like that in sydney. Good job
    Jonh biz
    00:37 22 Nov 16
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Our Specialties


EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) valve is present in every recent diesel vehicle.

Is quite common that this valve gets blocked causing engine’s malfunctions.

If your EGR valve is causing loss of power or your engine light is on, please get in touch with us today to avoid expensive repairs.

We offer EGR repairs and delete service (via ECU).



Since 2009 Diesel Particulate Filters are installed in every diesel vehicle sold in Australia.

Vehicles with limited highway cruises are more than likely to face a DPF blocked, causing engine’s malfunctions and repairs needed.

We offer DPF cleanings using state-of-the-art equipment and DPF delete via ECU (off-road only).


adblue delete light

AdBlue is a liquid-like material used to clean exhausting gases going in the atmosphere, the same functionality of the EGR valve and in many cases this system can stop working properly causing engine’s faults.

If your AdBlue system is facing issues, please get in touch with us today to avoid expensive repairs.

We are specialised in AdBlue repairs and AdBlue delete (off-road only) via ECU.


Our goal is to increase vehicle performances and efficiency and the first important step is to diagnose the vehicle. A modern diesel vehicle is a perfect balance of electrical and mechanical parts, a small malfunction could easily lead to loss of power, black smoke, engine/turbo blowups, etc..

We bring your vehicle inside our Dyno room where few highly experienced technicians starts to inspect your vehicle.



  • – under the bonnet – (pipes, oil leaks, etc..)
  • – wheels and suspensions – (will effect Dyno readings)
  • – exhaust system,
  • – intake system (could be clogged by carbon residue).



Once our visual inspection is passed, we scan your vehicle’s computer to make sure no other issues are in place with your vehicle.


DTA Scanning Vehicle


If we spot any issue we are able to address it and solve it.

This stage is crucial for a tuning to be considered as “safe”.

Once your vehicle has been inspected we perform a Dyno test to check how the engine performs.

Here we can see if performances are close to what is should be.

Once your vehicle has been inspected we perform a Dyno test to check how the engine performs.

Here we can see if performances are close to what is should be.

After the Dyno test we are ready to pull the file out of your ECU.

This can be done in 2 ways:

  •  – Remove it from the car, open it and access to file system on the bench.


  •  – Download from ODBII Port. Eventually with a Bluetooth connection.


Of course the OBDII Port is the best way as no traces will be left behind.

Where possible we use OBDII Port connections

Once we unlock your ECU files we can access to several maps (Rules) and make adjustment in order to get more efficiency, power and torque.

At this stage we can make changes in order to stop the EGR valve.

“Remember to check how your vehicle performs with our tune [here]”

Once all maps are modified, we lock the file and send it back to the ECU, saving a copy of the original file.

At this stage we test improvements on the dyno and valutate if keep this tune or adjust parameters.

Once our tuner is happy with the results he lock the new ECU file, let the vehicle cool down.

After 30 min we perform the last sequence of runs on dyno. Here we attest the new vehicle performances.

We are pretty confident that our tune is one of the most reliable in Australia.


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